Clients often ask me how to get ranked on Google. I always tell them. There is no magic pill. Google agolothrim is so complex and mysterious that old tricks that use to work to shoot you to Page one don’t work anymore. In fact they may get your website band.

But Google has made on thing crystal clear. Having consistent, relevant content will help your website to get ranked. The best way to get ranked on Google is to have a blog.

But you don’t have time. Tough. You don’t write well. Tough. If you want people to find your website and google to rank you high you need to have a blog.

Let’s talk about why a blog is so important to absolutely anything you’re doing online.

It helps people find your website

Blogging is a great way to build your credibility while attracting clients. When you write blog posts, you put content on the web which can attract search engine traffic. If your blog posts are interesting, helpful and entertaining, your readers will click on the link to see what else you have to offer.

The advantage to adding a blog to your website is that it can help to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Whenever you publish a new blog post, your site has fresh content and this is something search engines like. You’ll also add more search terms to your site, which will attract more potential clients who are searching for those terms.

It Raises Awareness

The purpose of your blog is to raise awareness and drive engagement. When people are surfing the web looking for information, they’ll stumble upon your blog through links or searches. If the blog helps them, entertains them, inspires them, or gives them some type of unique value, they’ll follow you and continue to consume your content.

In addition to raising awareness, your blog must “engage” in order to be effective. What it means is that it:

• Creates a connection with the reader
• Draws the reader in and makes them want to read more
• Offers something new and unique the reader hasn’t encountered before
• Is relevant to the reader, or inspires an “a-ha” moment
• Inspires the reader
• Gets the reader actively involved with it
• Leads the reader to take action

Think back to a time recently when you were skimming through your Facebook feed or surfing around reading articles online. At some point, there’s likely to have been one article that made you stop, sit up and pay attention. You might have bookmarked it or shared it with your friends. Engaging content has this effect on the reader.

It is Free Advertising
Content is also important because it gives you a free advertising opportunity. Many companies today reduce their advertising budgets and invest the funds instead in creating and distributing content. Nearly all major content distribution channels are free to use, so this is literally free advertising.

You can write an article and post it on a high-traffic website where thousands of visitors will see it daily at no cost at all. This is an amazing deal when you consider how much it costs to run an ad and get it in front of a few thousand people. Even the cheapest online advertising options cost more than posting content.

A blog is a great option for small companies that have limited resources. You can drive brand awareness and build your audience without spending money. You only need to invest some time and energy into creating the content yourself.

Over time, content that is consistently helpful, interesting, unique and high-quality builds trust with your audience. Through this content, you also establish yourself as a brand and see it grow.