Even though we know how important the About page is, it’s still one of the most difficult pages to write.  So while your About page definitely needs to show who you are and why you’re in business, it also needs to encourage visitors to read more, contact you, and maybe even make a purchase.

That’s a lot to expect from a single page, but with this e-guide, it’s absolutely doable.

Over 22 pages of useful tips, worksheets, and checklists!


Here is What You Get with the “How to Write the perfect About page”
  • About Your “About” Page
  • Take it From the Top
  • Let Your Personality Shine
  • Tell a Compelling Story
  • A Picture Really is Worth 1,000 Words
  • Go Beyond the Basics – Far Beyond
  • Never Miss an Opportunity to Promote Yourself
  • You Really Don’t Have to Go On and On (and On and On)