So Here is a quick review of Wham Bam Instagram course.   I looked into a lot of social media courses and it was very overwhelming.  I did not know which one was worth my money and would actually bring me results.  I had looked at Wahm Bam Instagram and honestly was not convinced.  I looked at it several times but honestly felt like it was not enough detail for me to purchase it.

The way that I ended up “buying” the course was because I got it for free.  I was signing up for Be Booked Out after a webinar and Wahm Bam Instagram was an added bonus.

I am not going to tell you what is in the course.  That would be unethical.  You can go to Wham Bam Instagram to see the course curriculum. I will say I am beyond please with the course.  I look for a few things when I take a course:

  • Great Examples
  • No Fluff
  • Actual Tips
  • Excellent Support
  • Measurable Results

I got all of those and more.  The course provides excellent examples.  I mean excellent.  It is also straight to the point.  I don’t have a lot of time.  I don’t need 100 case studies and motivational quotes I need to get to it.  I need actual detail steps to take, not just general suggestions. This course gives you a step by step game plan.

I require support.  If I have a question or need clarification I want to know I can talk to somebody.  Wahm Bam Instagram includes a private Facebook group.  It is very active and Caitlin (the creator and instructor) is in there very often.  And most import I want results I can see and measure.  I got results and I think they are great. Here are a few highlights of my results:

  • Increase Instagram followers from a little over 300 to 1000 in 6 weeks.
  • 10-30 new followers a day
  • Have been in the top post on Instagram several times with industry important hashtags.

I do have one compliant (which may no longer be an issue).  When I took the course it was still hosted on her website so the interface was a bit annoying.  She has since moved to teachable and they tend to have a very organized platform so I am thinking that is no longer a problem.  I do have liftime access to the course but I have not taken the course since it has been on teachable.  Although, I participate in the Facebook group pretty regularly.

Well there goes my review.  I 100% recommend Wahm Bam Instagram course to anyone.  You can purchase the course for $299 here.

Let me know if you get the course or have taken it! What did you think?