Picking the colors for your website is an important decision.  Think of it like painting the walls of your house.  The right colors bring everything together visually and pull people in. The wrong ones, however might cause visitors to close your site  too quickly.  If you find deciding on the right colors for your website is a struggle, follow these 2 tips to make it easier.

Use Color to trigger emotions and ideas. Think about what you want your user to feel. It might be trust, or you might want your user to have fun. For most emotions, there is a color that will bring it out. Use the guide below to find out what that is and choose your colors accordingly.

Use a color wheel. The color wheel is amazingly simple to use.  You can figure out which colors complement each other for an attractive combination. For example, colors across the wheel will be complementary to each other.

Of course there are other considerations, such as your company brand’s color or your favorite color, but these tips will prove useful in your search for the perfect website colors.