I am just going to say it. Death to epic checklist. I just made an oath to stop creating epic or ultimate checklists. (Well I have one posting next week so after that one ?.) I also made a promise to stop using flat lay desktop images. I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot. Because these things are effective and cute. But this has got to stop. I personally am tired of seeing checklist, guides, and cute flat lay desktop pictures. I want variety.

It is not possible to create a brand that stands out when I look like everyone else. When Facebook came along it looked completely different from the big dog at the time Myspace (remember myspace?), you could put music, backgrounds, sparkling lights on myspace.  I mean I really went all out.  Then Facebook came and it was a plain blue and white newsfeed. You could not customize anything.  But it worked (that’s a major understatement).  It was different.  The newsfeed was different.

Now i have no clue what I am going to do because the market is flooded with flat lay desktop images and checklist. But I am excited because it is going to force me to think differently and truly stand out. I am ready for the challenge.

What are you tired of seeing?