Ultimate Guide to a Basic-Ass Website [UGBAW]: A Four Part Series

Part 1: The Basics of Being Basic

Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners and bloggers!  Are you ready to create a basic website where you can tell the world about what you’ve got to offer? The Internet is open to everyone and it’s about time you got your piece of the pie.  If this sounds like where you’re at, don’t miss our four-part series, Ultimate Guide to a Basic-Ass Website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting from scratch or thinking of revamping your existing online brand.  Being basic is easy if you follow a few simple secrets that we will reveal here.

Let’s talk about basic and what it means in the world of web design.  Basic websites are everywhere! They don’t stand out from the crowd.  They look and act like a billion others out there and often include lots of unsophisticated content and images.

Most people with a computer and a few hours can easily create something basic.  All you really need to do is think about what you like and be sure to fill the pages with images and words that speak to your taste.  Some ideas that we’ve seen work for basic sites include:

  • Cute pictures and fun animations—It doesn’t matter if they appeal to your customers or audience. Heck, you love them!  Go with photos that you grab from the web or pictures of your pets in their Halloween costumes.  And don’t forget to fill your pages with plenty of colorful fonts in all types and sizes.
  • Stories, stories and more stories—Your website is about you, so don’t hold back. When working on your About Us page, start at birth and work your way on up through grade school, into high school and beyond with grand detail on exactly what lead you to this moment in time.  Regale your audience with specific references to your childhood dreams and how they’ve helped share your new business venture.
  • Sing your praises LOUD—Never let them forget how great you really are. You know more, offer more and have all of the awards and accolades to prove it.

Answering the Question: What can you do for me?

Let’s face it.  Anyone can be basic, but it probably won’t convince customers, prospects or readers that there’s anything of value for them.

Or you can take an un-basic approach. You can use your website to truly showcase your value in the marketplace.  To do this you’ve got to follow a different path—one that forces you to:

  • Think outside of yourself and get into the mind of your audience. What are these people looking for?  What are their pain points and how are you going to help solve them?  What makes you more qualified than others in your field?
  • Fill a need. Your website should be easy to navigate and every aspect of it should serve a purpose.  Whether that purpose is to make people buy, read, call your number or click on a link, you must put serious thought into what elements will encourage these actions.  Anything that does not serve this purpose is just clutter.
  • Realize: It’s not about me. It’s about them!—Adopt this attitude when communicating with your market and they will pay attention. Your website—from its images to its content—should be focused on your customer’s needs. Be specific about what you can do to make their lives easier, better, healthier, profitable, more beautiful, etc.

In the end, if you go for basic, you’re probably going to get basic results. Go for broke and make your website all about your visitor and you’re going to get sales, leads, followers or whatever it is you’re looking for out there.