Clients come to me with specific website needs. Using WordPress’s powerful web building platform, I can create any site they ask for, including:

  1. Blog – WordPress was first developed as a tool for creating blogging websites, and it’s still great for that!
  2. Business – If you have a business, you need a website. Any business website, big or small, can be built in WordPress.
  3. Brand Website – Branding is essential to your business. A website built in WordPress can showcase your brand.
  4. eCommerce (online store) – Most businesses now conduct online sales as an essential part of their business. WordPress can be used to create an online store.
  5. Auction Websites – Online auctions (think eBay) are also very popular, and can be created in WordPress.
  6. Job Boards – Most people find jobs, including careers, gigs, and freelance opportunities, online.
  7. Membership Websites – Using the WordPress platform, you can restrict portions of a website to members. You can even set up paid membership accounts.
  8. Nonprofit & Religious Websites – Nonprofit and religious entities can use WordPress to create influential websites that keep members and the public up to date and informed.
  9. Portfolio/Creative Websites – A WordPress portfolio site is a fantastic way to showcase your work and creativity.
  10. Podcast Website – Podcasts are increasingly popular and work seamlessly with the WordPress platform.

This is just a sampling of the types of websites a designer can build using WordPress. With WordPress, whatever the site you have in mind, it can be built.